Your Phone System with iPBX, now, INVINCIBLE.


Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

Natural Disasters, power Outages, and bug attacks will never ever claim your phone systems with iPBX. Our network that is spread around globally will make sure your telephone systems will never be affected. Every location that we serve ensures a 24/7 business continuity plan, leaving you to never worry about that “what-if”.

“Being based in Japan, you never when the next major earthquake may be. With iPBX, we have no worries about our phone system going down. They’ve never failed us. Work hard, work smart.”
– Recruitment Firm, Tokyo, Japan

Network Monitoring

iPBX Hosting monitors the networks, and the performance of the networks in order to ensure that KPI’s remain at the top levels. There are systems place in order to ensure that our business partners are protected with the highest rate of security and the highest reliability services that can be offered.

Bilingual Support

Our bilingual team not only supports your Japanese and English speakers in their native language, but brings you the best English language tech first to your business. With on-call support, never worry about your system being abandoned or left behind.

Get the Services and Reliability You Deserve

Learn more on what iPBX Hosting is doing in order to provide companies with the best phone services:

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