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The best way to find out why iPBX Hosting is the fastest-growing cloud communications service in Japan is to simply ask an organization that is already using our services.

Additionally, the friendly team at AINEO would be happy to give you a demonstration, either online or in person. If you would like to see a demonstration of the service, please fill out the simple form below.

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How Can I Try iPBX Hosting?

We are BQF: bright, quick, and flexible. You can usually get a demo phone or trial account by the next business day to try iPBX Hosting in your office or on your smartphone.

What If I Don’t Know Much About Phones?

No problem. The iPBX team has been training people how to use phones since 1997. We’re always happy to help!

What’s the Level of Quality with a Cloud-based Phone?

iPBX is built on global premier technology from Mitel Telepo that gives you not only crystal-clear sound, but encryption between your phone and the datacenter. Hear what clarity really sounds like.

Can We Really Use the Cloud for Our Company?

Absolutely. Tens of thousands of other users are using iPBX nationwide to make hundreds of thousands of calls each day. Find out how you can upgrade your system.

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