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Spencer Wolfe came to Japan in 1986 with a US Judo team for the first time. Upon completing University, he returned to Japan literally the day after graduation. Mr. Wolfe has been in Japan ever since. He worked initially at Ricoh Company and was recruited by the famous Alexander Graham Bell related American telephone company, AT&T.

As Sales Manager of AT&T’s business in Japan, Mr. Wolfe had supplied and supported the equipment that allows businesses to communicate since 1993. While he developed the dealer network for AT&T in Japan, he saw dealers struggle to fully understand the technology and not able to provide good customer service. He founded AINEO as he felt he could build a better team of professionals to take care of the people so reliant on their telecommunications systems for their daily business. The driving concept behind the company was: AINEO builds technology better and runs it better. That ethic continues today.

In 1997, AINEO was born. AINEO started as a small business, so small, in fact, that it was just 1 phone and fax machine in a spare bedroom in Saitama prefecture. Since then, much has changed. AINEO has since installed thousands of systems across Japan and works with every major global organization. Expansion mushroomed in 1999, when AINEO saw the onset of internet protocol in real time. In addition to telecom, AINEO began working on computer and network based systems, selling and implementing [setting up and installing] systems and closing its first 100M yen of equipment that very year.

On top of network systems and computers, AINEO continues to install premise phone systems for the world’s leading brands. With the onset of transition for telephony from digital to IP (internet protocol), Mr. Wolfe and the AINEO team saw numerous possibilities for hosted phone systems over installing systems at each company’s premise.
In 2010, AINEO began providing hosted phones to the internal team. This system was proved invaluable during the great earthquake of March 2011 in Japan. Through out the ordeal, AINEO was able to provide uninterrupted technical support due to the reliable service. In 2012, iPBX Hosting was officially launched. The ethic of better technology, better support and cost effective services drives the growth of the service.

iPBX Hosting is all about building better services with better support. According to Mr. Wolfe, “Large telcos have huge budgets for spending, but nothing beats the agility and responsiveness of the firm to deliver what our partner clients need quickly”. AINEO is a registered carrier with the Japanese government and continues to produce new products and services regularly through iPBX Hosting,, and TRIBE Support.

Mr. Wolfe is always talking about his dedicated team. Not only is iPBX the best service available, it is used by some of the world’s most valuable companies. Now is time to throw out your locally installed system and join the iPBX Hosting revolution.


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