BCP (Business Continuity Planning) is a measure taken to allow businesses to not be affected by emergencies; whether it may be natural disasters, fires, a terrorist attack and so on. If a business may stop in the case of an emergency, you may lose credibility towards the customers deteriorating in performance. Particularly in small and medium sized enterprises, such risk may even lead to closure of the company. It is important for companies to decide and understand that in such a emergency situation they must be able to recover quickly.

Why Cloud Based Office Phones Make You BCP Compliant…


No Need for PBX or Gateway Hardware

Even when yore office can’t be used in disasters or blackouts, your phone system will still work.


You Can Use Your Office Phone Number From Your Smartphone

Even when you cannot leave the house, you can call and receive with the office phone number.


Call Over The Internet

Even if the phone lines are down in a time of disaster, your phone calls will go through via the Internet.


Can Easy Conference Call

Conference calls are can be made wherever you are.

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